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"What Lies Beneath" and "Sixth Sense" meet in this supernatural thriller that will take readers on a soul's incredible journey of  death, discovery and deliverance. 

As a dedicated, lifelong reader of murder mystery novels, I have become "that" person whose attention must be captured within the first page or two to continue reading. Raging Soul hooked me immediately within the first couple of paragraphs. Author Amy Mayhew has created a host of fascinating characters along with an amazing, unique plot. It is a must read!

Vera Hogan

Web Content Editor, Tri-County Times, Fenton, Michigan

As a big fan of mysteries, I was happily intrigued by Raging Soul. Amy Mayhew combines peaceful times with violence, mystery and the supernatural, reminding me of Dean Koontz. She seamlessly blends great characters in scenic descriptions. I felt I've known those characters and places - and wondered how she so easily described them. I'm looking forward to more from this new author.

Lisa Lange

Lange Communications, Clarkston, Michigan

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