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Born and raised in Michigan, I grew up in Grand Ledge, and spent most of my summers as a child fishing and swimming in the quiet and secluded waters of Saddlebag Lake, just a few miles west of Mulliken.  My dad and brothers often hunted on state land in the area, and since I liked to tag along with them everywhere, I spent a great deal of time hiking through the Shimnecon area, looking for signs of deer and other wildlife. Writing about these places that continue to be so near and dear to my heart allowed me to bring Raging Soul alive with vivid descriptions.


I've spent my entire career writing in one form or another, but being a bestselling author is my greatest dream. I live in the greater Detroit area with my husband Tony and  our two dogs, Millie and Lucy.  Our daughter is currently a junior at Central Michigan University where she is studying Education, and majoring in Spanish.

I continue to roam the corporate jungle until fame and fortune come knocking on my door, and hope you enjoy reading Raging Soul as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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