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John Hanson offers Beverly Deerfield a ride home from the rural bar where she works, but she never makes it home. Hanson's burned body is found hours later among the wreckage of a single car crash along an isolated Michigan highway.

Detective Alan Whitman's gut tells him that Hanson had something to do with Beverly's disappearance, yet he can't prove it. Beverly's body was never recovered and it's a regret that haunts Whitman for his entire career.

Thirty years later, Julie Deerfield is the spitting image of her late Aunt Beverly as she begins her career at Michigan State University.

After having too much to drink at a Halloween party, Julie falls victim to date rape. The shame of the incident fuels her new-found interest in drugs and alcohol. Soon, a dark, unknown part of her personality begins to emerge--something she and her friend, Sarah, desperately struggle to understand.

Sarah's boyfriend, Mike idolizes his criminal justice professor--Alan Whitman, now retired and using cold cases he never solved during his career as part of his curriculum.

When details of Julie's night terrors begin aligning with facts from a case Mike is studying, Sarah convinces Julie to try past life regression.

The past and the present collide as Julie realizes she is mysteriously linked to the man who murdered the aunt she never knew. Can Julie use this connection to bring closure to her aunt's brutal death, or will she allow this "raging soul" to determine her fate?

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